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, a winter glastonbury's the south. flurries are on the way. -- >>> first lady michelle obama is striking the importance of balance. mrs. obama congratulated parents and children along with sports teams, businesses, and religious groups who have supported her mission to change america's eating habits. >> i came to this issue as a mom. we are busy. it is easy to go through the drive through. is harder to cope. it is harder to sell around the table with the family and eating a meal. >> mrs. obama did admit that the white house menu consisted of bratwurst, burgers, wings, and pizza. but the next day, it was back to vegetables and exercise. >>> a suit filed tuesday on behalf of fans accuses the nfl of breach of contract and fraud. hundreds of fans who bought super bowl tickets ended up with no seat at that game. some cowboys season ticket holders were told -- holders said they had folding chairs. >>> we are on storm watch today as we are looking at a chance of light snow. but our neighbors to the west and the south are dealing with a winter block. a large schloss -- a large swath of a nation,
the cash -- amid the clash over cash, president obama defended his budget decisions. >> the federal government has to do two things at once. it has to live within its means while still investing in the future. that is what we have done with this year's budget. >> the blueprint puts cuts on spending for domestic programs. a college financial aid and assistance for the poor face billions in cuts. there would be more money for schools and high-speed rail. the president's budget director called this the most difficult budget he has worked on but one that he knows will help move the country forward. >> it addresses the fiscal challenges that we face in the short and medium-term. >> responses were divided down the aisle. >> instead of confronting our debt head-on, the president has presented us with a budget that borrows too much and taxes too much. the >> republicans are quick to point out that the popular entitlement programs are not included. many on the right that is the real way to downsize the deficit. >> if we ignore these entitlement programs, we are no better than the president.
is about to begin. president obama is brand new spending blueprint tackles the biggest deficit -- president spendingbrand-new spendin blueprint that was the biggest deficit ever -- tackles the biggest deficit ever. >> he vowed to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. he claims is but it will do that. it is being called "shared sacrifice." many people are having a heated debate here on the hill. just hours after his proposed budget was unveiled, president obama stood before a group of baltimore students outlining his priorities, including the need for more spending on education. >> education is an investment that we need to win the future. $3.70e president's trillion budget also called for cuts that the white house says will be painful. the cuts include $100 million to the programmed program, $2.5 billion slashed from home heating assistance, as well as tax increases for incomes higher than $200,000. >> we have to get serious on the things that would be nice to have, but we can do without, which is what families across the country do every day. they live within their means an
energy drinks. >>> the obama administration plans to announce results in the investigation of toyota vehicles. at 2:00, transportation officials will release a report whether electromagnetic interference played a role in the vehicles suddenly gaining or decrease in speed. >>> if you are feeling more pain at the pump, you are not alone. the energy department says gas prices have been the highest they have ever been. the national average is now $3.13. in the district, it is $3.22. the most expensive gasoline can be found out at santa barbara, california. some experts say if this trend continues, gasoline could hit $5 by the end of 2012. former secretary of state donald rooms filled's new memoir is on shelves today -- former secretary of state donald rooms new memoir is on shelves today. >> he did not, in my view, it did a good job managing the people under him. he should have never served in a senior administration position. she had been an academic. >> in the book, he admitted his big regret was that president bush did not accept his resignation after the torture scandal. >>> switchin
of the most powerful regimes in the alum world. -- arab world. president obama is expected to make a speech at 1:30 this afternoon on everything unfolding in egypt. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we come back to local news. almost a decade after she disappeared, the road to justice is nearly over for chandra levy. the man convicted of murdering her learns his sentence. mike is watching the courtroom drama at d.c. superior court. what is the latest? >> we are sllting for t ence and wathe frt doorof t senteust hrdan, the iolmpactte oen heated w gm gndiq heye olm that s wld never foive tha heuln. ve isionthere has been no dna ee or witnesses. the disappearance became a national sensation after she was romantically linked california .ep gary conducit then a the investigation shifted to ingmar guandique. thatirl's mother suggested ingmar guandique serve a life prison sentence. to repeated the same sentiments from her husband and her son. if prosecutors say that the man has a history of violence with women and continued inappropriate and behavior with women to this day. defense attorneys are aski
obama says america's thoughts and prayers are with the egyptian people. >> we pray the violence in egypt will win and citizens' rights and aspirations will be realized. a better day will dawn over egypt. and throughout the world. the commander at -- in-line >> the commander in chief joined a prayer breakfast as morning including religious leaders from around the world. one of the rescued chilean miners was their sharing his story of rescue and prayer during the two months he was trapped underground. and after not mark kelly delivered the closing prayer on behalf of his life, wanted congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >>> maryland gov. martin o'malley is working to set this -- set a tone for the general assembly. this is a live look at the maryland state house where he is about to begin delivering his state of the state address. he's expected to focus on the massive budget shortfall currently facing maryland. >>> still to come, flipping the script on the gender gap. a new study finds some surprises among american singles. >>> in fairfax county, officers say they're dealing with another seri
of was embarked -- of hosni mubarak -- president obama is condemning the violence and calling for an orderly transition of power. chaos just hours after the protesters had a quieter scene. supporters of hosni mubarak forced their way to the square and launched an attack on protesters. this man says that mubarak is behind it and he should leave. as the violence continues, as uncertainty over egypt's future. after a 30-year reign, was in the park says he will not run for elections in september. -- hosni mubarak says he will not run for election in september. four protesters, it is not enough. others say a smooth transition of power is important to keep the country from collapsing. >> baradei is an american, not egyptian.. >> the chaos has led to a mass exodus. fliers are scrambling to find a seat on a commercial flight. >> i have been here at the airport the whole time. i am tired but anxious to go home. >> the embassy says it expects to evacuate more than 1000 americans from egypt over the next few days on charter flights. >> things are really heating up there. coming up, our storm watch cove
be brought to the u.s. to stand trial. >>> president obama will spend time with wounded warriors in bethesda, md., to date. he will be meeting privately with troops at the american national medical center. he will also meet with the families of the injured troops. >>> 7 is on your side with a scheme that is becoming popular with scam artists. many of the swindlers have been caught on tape. numbers out today showed suspicious claims for injuries and falls are up 24% since 2008. one shows a woman robbing liquid on the floor. her accomplice then slips and can be seen fixing her hair before she lies all of the way down. >> some people do slip and falls for aliving. they are hoping for a large insurance school or for not a whole lot of work. >> businesses will often quietly pay off the claims to make them go away quickly. >>> apple may unveil the new improved version of the ipad next week. it will be released on march 2 in san francisco. it will have some new features. it is expected to be thinner and lighter than the current ipad and may have two cameras in the front and in the back. you and i h
the funds during the 2011 fiscal year. in the budget that was just a unveiled by president obama earlier this week, the metro money is included in 2012. >> thank you. >>> a mother and son from manassas will be laid to rest after dying in a shooting spree last week. the 37-year-old is in custody, in charge -- charge with their murder. -- charged with their murder. >>> coming up, -- >> he said if you tell anyone, i will kill you. >> a senator's revelation. >>> trouble in the air -- wifi attendants are bringing their fight to one local airport. this soda contained a cancer risk. controversial allegations. first, warm and sunny. enjoy it why you can't. the fo >>> we are learning more now of the revelation from massachusetts senator scott brown who says he was sexually abused in fourth grade by a counselor and a religious camp. the man threatened to kill him if he told anyone. >> one people find people like me at that young, abominable age, the thing that they have -- vulnerable age, the thing they have over you is they make you believe no one would believe you. >> he had said that he had not
down now and begin a transition of power. president obama will likely be asked about that during a media appearance today, and we will bring you whatever response he gives at 5:00. >> we have more breaking news now to tell you about. this from an asset today. the space agency just confirmed that the husband of one did congresswoman gabrielle giffords will go to space. astronaut mark kelly will resume trading as mission commander on monday and plans to join the endeavor crew for the final flight in april. he will make the announcement officially this afternoon. he has been by his wife's side since she was shot in the head in the shooting rampage on january 8. we are on stormwatch today. a storm system is pushing our way. it could mean a dangerous 9 on the roads. adam caskey has a look at our first forecast is this is shaping up to be a big deal? >> no, no, no, no, it is not. maybe a few bridges in over passes will have a light place here and there, but for us in the d.c. area, not much moisture is going to make it here. the brunt of it will be in the carolinas, which is good news.
says that his father will not step down. >> president obama has called on your father to step down. what do you think about that? >> this is not a solution. >> his son claims that if his father were to leave, civil war would erupt. >>> the turmoil in libya is fueling more pain at the pump in our area. regular unleaded gas is up 13 cents over the past week. the national average for gas is $3.29, the highest level ever for this time of year. in the metro region, some drivers are paying $4 a gallon at some stations. >>> work is about to begin on a 15-month construction projects in adams morgan. starting tomorrow, they will make improvements to the roads, sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting on 18th street from florida avenue to columbia road. the streetscape project will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. monday through friday through may of 2012. >>> america goes the last surviving wwi veteran has died. frank buckles' died yesterday at his home in charlestown, west virginia at age of 110. he lied about his age to be able to list. he served as a driver and warehouse clerk in e
charles' brother and president obama and the first lady. that move should not come as a surprise. >> not at all. no heads of state have been invited. this is a royal wedding and basically they are trying to keep it as a family occasion. >> 600 people will attend a luncheon hosted by the queen and a select 300 will stay for dinner and dancing at a ball hosted by prince charles. still ahead, adam [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most y you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ev.. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. >>> coming up tonight, it is the most typical time of the year for tests, the unpredictable and severe weather that rolls in in the spring. how we plan to keep you ahead of the storm in my spring weather outlook tonight at 5:00. >>> this is the most difficult time
.s.-mexico border. president obama has expressed condolences to the parents of u.s. customs agent killed in an attack. they were stopped at what may have looked to be a military checkpoint. someone opened fire. agent zapata was killed and another agent was wounded. i.c.e. is working with authorities to investigate the shootings. >>> cbs reporter lara logan is back home in washington. on friday, a mob of men attacked and sexually assaulted the chief foreign correspondent on the streets of cairo while she was covering the celebration after president mubarak's resignation. she was surrounded by more than 200 people. she had been covering the protests since they began. just a few days earlier, she was detained and interrogated by egypt's governor. >> they let us know in no uncertain terms that they were tracking us, that they knew who we were. they photographed us while we were blindfolded. my colleagues were handcuffed. >> she was rescued from the attack by a group of women and egyptian soldiers. meanwhile, the revolution in egypt is spreading unrest throughout the middle east. thousands of
of protests. president obama hit the airwaves with a message. courtney robinson reports. >> after two weeks of unrest, today, the demonstrations continued in egypt, those demanding embattled president hosni mubarak step down immediately. >> we have to stop now until we have changed. >> yesterday, egypt vice- president met with members of the opposition, including members of the muslim brotherhood, banned from office since mubarak took office three decades ago. they will -- egyptians say no talks until mubarak goes. >> [unintelligible] >> in a live interview, president obama sat down with a reporter from fox news to talk about egypt and the muslim brotherhood. its leadership council claimed the group will not seek to fill the presidency when mubarak believes. >> they do not have majority support in egypt. they are well-organized. there are strains of their ideology theirare anti -- that are anti-u.s. >> if mubarak is pushed out too soon, it could leave egypt's government vulnerable. >> we do know that egypt is not going to go back to what it was. what we can do, bill, is we can say that the
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